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  • Psychic Class
    13 Nov 2021, 11:00 – 14:00 GMT
    How Psychic Are You?


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The sense of peace & freedom I felt was just unbelievable.  I never felt peace like it. I could never thank her enough . The difference she has made to my life is just priceless.


Penny Francis is a truly exceptional Medium. In public demonstrations Penny brings messages from our loved ones with compassion and love and her evidence is highly accurate.


Penny's work ethic and integrity are pure to the core. As a teacher in all aspects, she wishes those she helps guide to become greater than herself, that's a true teacher. She knows how to help each individual find, accept and flourish there own potential with her caring, helpful nature is so beautiful.  As a medium herself Penny's links are strong and very evident in all ways, her trust, passion, love and empathy really shines through. To see her demonstrating is always magical.