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Penny is an established International Medium formerly based in Norfolk, England where she has an established client base, she has since relocated to Lincolnshire,  February 2022.

Proud to have developed through extensive training, including being a student at the Arthur Findlay College, she feels this has provided the perfect platform and foundation for her learning and personal growth. 

Penny finds endless joy and passion in teaching and her guidance has opened up the pathway for so many that wish to connect with, discover and expand on their spiritual journey.  Penny is keen on developing her students, encouraging their understanding and unfolding their Authentic Self through their own personal awareness, as she feels this is valuable in developing their Mediumship and connection with Spirit. Penny also teaches a Philosophy group that is attended by writers, artists and creatives who are enthusiastic in evolving their own truth through the wisdom of Spirit.

Penny has a natural ability to bring out the best in her students. She is great at building confidence where there are uncertainties and supporting them in understanding the mechanics of Mediumship. Penny's classes are always uplifting and fun, while retaining all the sense of dignity and respect she believes working with Spirit deserves. 

Penny can often be found demonstrating and public speaking in churches and centres across the country and she is thrilled that her love for teaching also takes her overseas to countries such as Luxembourg, Sweden, Norway and the USA. 

Her areas of interest are the Altered States and Spiritual Philosophy, which she believes firmly underpins her spiritual development. A huge fan of the philosopher Rumi, Penny always gets to the very essence of good mediumship, which is founded on bringing love and upliftment to others.

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