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Not only a beautiful country but it is complimented by wonderful people. Norway is incredible.

I had the privilege to be invited over a number of years to this stunning and cultural place. Each time working at the Norwegian Spiritualist Church in Bergen. A well-attended church with the warmest of welcomes. There is no barrier to the language when working with spirit, almost all of the Norwegians I came across spoke English but my good Norwegian friend

who is also a Medium was on hand to assist to help with translation.

The students were always in abundance and so eager to learn, develop and understand more. They were always willing to engage and be open to the possibilities on how to expand their awareness to become greater conduits for Spirit.

Their sense of humour is an integral part of their culture and they soon learned to understand mine too, fun during teaching always brings in an element of mischief but also allows those who are learning to feel relaxed, comfortable and safe in their surroundings, a formidable combination in getting the most out of ourselves, each other and my teaching.

I have been extremely blessed to work with these students, it has enhanced my learning, understanding and personal growth and I have so much to thank them for. Memories in the moment of Truth.

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